We would love to support all charitable organizations; unfortunately, we cannot possibly grant every request we receive. Therefore, we have chosen to focus our resources locally (defined as a 100-mile radius from Norwich, VT) and on projects that target:

Food and Nutrition
We support education on healthy eating and making good food choices, as well as efforts to end hunger.
We support efforts that positively influence our natural environment, and promote the conservation of resources and the development of renewable energy sources.
If your organization or event meets one of the criteria above*, and you have IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status, we encourage you to apply for a donation of product or a cash contribution.

*We’re unable to make donations to political organizations, individuals, sports teams, or organizations which do not comply with King Arthur Flour’s policy of non-discrimination. Religious organizations are also ineligible unless the program delivers a social service that benefits a broad range of the community (for example, preparing and serving meals to the homeless). Thanks for understanding.